Catherine Graves is one of the strongest women I know. Her experience and the multitudes of emotion she faced before and during her husband’s illness – and how she dealt with the grief after his death is not only courageous – but a triumph. She is a shining example of perseverance through even the worst of pain.

– Catherine Anaya

Checking Out is the story of a woman who descends to the depths of disease, disappointment, death and depression, who emerges damaged but not destroyed, and who ascends to a place where she can see her tragedy has given her strength she could never have won and taught her higher love she would never have known. I can only hope that when I die, there will be a woman who loved me enough to pay me a similar tribute as that which Catherine wrote for John.

– Jon Du Pre

I read Catherine’s book twice…in 48 hours. Powerful and moving.

– Kent Dana (TV News Anchor)

Powerful. Moving. Inspiring. Those are just a few of the words that come to mind after reading “Checking Out.” As a journalist, I’ve heard and told thousands of stories of tragedy and redemption. Catherine’s journey stands out. Not because of the unbelievable circumstances that shook her to her foundations, but because her honesty and heart will stay with you long after you’ve finished the final page.

– Sarah Buduson (Reporter)

Hey, Catherine! Before your appearance on my TV show, I planned, as always, to scan your book.  I found myself, late into the night, reading the whole damn thing.  You grabbed me and I didn’t even give you permission!  Checking Out: An In-Depth Look At Losing Your Mind has to be a movie…no exploding cars – just exploding lives.  My choice for you is Sandra Bullock.  You move me, lady.

– Pat McMahon (AZTV Television Host / KTAR Radio Host)

Catherine approached John’s illness head-on, with a combination of realism, honesty and courage that I really hadn’t quite encountered before.  It was refreshing and inspiring to me at the time, and I think of it often.  She brings these same qualities to her writing, and I am once again struck by her clear-eyed approach.  Checking Out has a ring of truth that I think many people in similar circumstances will find they can relate to and are very much in need of.

– Cameron McDougall, M.D. (Barrows Neurological Institute)

Catherine, I finished reading your book and enjoyed it.  It is too often that as physicians we lose sight of the ripple effects a patient’s illness has on family and friends.  Your brutally honest personal saga is riveting and heartbreaking.

– Robert Spetzler, M.D. (Barrows Neurological Institute)