Memories can be paralyzingly painful. But they can also be remarkably energizing and inspiring. I have begun to recognize what particular memories are going to send me into a deep funk, and before writing this book and speaking about it, I would do an immediate u-turn to avoid those feelings. I am not saying that I wanted to completely forget the hard times, but I knew that what I had gone through was not typical of what my life had been nor would become.

Now, I recall the toughest of times through speaking about them with others, and look at what it took to get me through them. I do this for myself, and so that I can offer help to those who seem to be on the hard edge of being devoured by a similar experience. There is a brutal significant value in surviving grueling times, but the time to reflect for me—I think for anyone—is when it is small in the rear view mirror, not when it is still dominating the landscape.

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