Author’s Personal Memoir Breaks Down Behind-The-Scenes Trauma

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New Book Just Released:
Checking Out: An In-Depth Look At Losing Your Mind

May 2011 (Phoenix, Arizona) Catherine Graves knows firsthand what it feels like to lose her mind.  She knows what it feels like to lose all sense of responsibility and her sense of self.  But, she also knows how it feels to emerge from the depths of despair to reclaim her life.

In Checking Out: An In-Depth Look At Losing Your Mind, first-time author, Catherine Graves, takes us on her personal and private journey to what she and her family experienced. When her husband starts to act out-of-character and increasingly disinterested, Graves suspects the worst—but while she needs confirmation of one sort, a different type of nightmare begins, which becomes the toughest year of her and her two children’s lives – a dreadful year in which nothing for their family will ever be the same. Graves makes keeping it together possible by realizing that the poor choices and mistakes she makes has consequences and repercussions.

“I was convinced that my husband was having an affair – or several affairs.  Eventually I discovered that he had a massive brain tumor,” says Graves, “and the guilt I experienced over that was enormous.  I learned that you can be wrong about your assumptions, make big mistakes and still have reason to forgive yourself.  I am the perfect example that the end of your loved one’s life doesn’t need to be the end of your own.”

In her speaking engagements, Graves’ audience is responding to her unbridled honesty and can be thankful to lead less extraordinary lives. She inspires others to see that there is life at the other end of immense grief.

Significant Points

  • When she suspects John, her 46 year-old husband of having affairs Catherine hires a private investigator to follow him.  He’s guilty of something, she’s convinced.
  • They seek counseling, and the counselor says that he’s in a deep depression and instructs them to go to Sierra Tucson for treatment.
  • There they discover that he has Glioma, a severe brain tumor.  (Ted Kennedy and Johnnie Cochran died from the Glioma)
  • After he dies, she’s left with guilt and deep grief.
  • She abandons her family, makes terrible choices, loses her mind, and checks herself into treatment.
  • These days she’s taking full responsibility for the negative effect her thinking and actions had on her family, friends & herself.

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